"What size monitor do I have?"
"How do I know which filter fits my monitor?"

These are the most common questions we receive every day, both from our dealers and from consumers.

Similar to television screens, Computer Monitors today come in Standard and Widescreen versions. See the graphic below. Please note that currently most monitors are Widescreen.


Aspect Ratio

In recent years, PC manufacturers have introduced new widescreen displays with a slightly different "Aspect Ratio" (16:9) than traditional widescreen displays (16:10). Aspect Ratio refers to the relationship (or "ratio") of the width and height of the display. To ensure the proper fit for your screen, we recommend measuring the viewable height and width of your screen and confirm your measurements against the dimensions listed on the product page when purchasing Frameless Filters for Widescreen Monitors, as detailed below.

Determine your Monitor Size

Kantek Filters are designed to properly fit the appropriate monitor size. Our experience has shown that measurements tend to lead to errors. If you know the monitor size, do not rely only on your measurements.

If you recently bought your monitor, the monitor size should be listed on the Receipt or Packing List.

If this information is unavailable, find the Model Number on the back of the monitor. Then, look up the Model number on the manufacturer's website, or just type it in to your favorite search engine. The Monitor Size should be listed. If you need any assistance in looking up your monitor size, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

Once you know your monitor size, verify by measuring as detailed below.

Measuring your Monitor

To confirm that the filter you wish to purchase will fit properly on your screen, please measure as follows:

First, measure the Diagonal of the screen (not including the frame around the screen, just the visual screen). This diagonal should match the stated size of the Filter (e.g. a 19" Monitor will have a visual diagonal of exactly 19"). Next, measure the visual height and visual width of the screen.

Please use the illustration below as a guide on how to measure.

This should exactly match the dimensions listed on the product page for that filter on our website. This information appears both in the listed dimensions, as well as the accompanying graphic on each product page. If the measurements of your screen do not match the stated measurements of the product exactly, please check both your measurements and the Monitor Size again. If you need our assistance, please feel free to contact us by clicking here, and we would be glad to help lead you in the right direction.